Plyo Box Set

Plyo Box Set

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Jumping is a healthy and playful exercise that can have tremendous benefits for your leg workout. You can do plyometric exercises that are used to shrink and lengthen your muscles by giving them strengths. You can add plyo boxes in your home gym equipment on which you can perform jumping, squats, push-ups, step-ups, lateral shuffles, and box lunges. Buy plyo boxes from Fitness equipment at reasonable prices.


Plyo boxes are sets of stacking boxes that are used to do workouts. There are wooden, metallic, and foam plyo boxes. For your plyometric exercises and improve your blood circulation and agility. There are various sizes available in jumping boxes. You can either buy boxes of a specific height. There are stacking boxes so you can adjust the height according to your progress in a workout and the type of activity you are going to perform.  The boxes have rubber platforms to make them slip-free. You can either buy a set of plyo boxes or individual boxes of various sizes of 15cm, 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm. You can increase the height of stacks depending on your workout skills. The boxes are made to be safe for avoiding injuries because of failed jumps. Foam plyo boxes are best to avoid any bruises and wounds.  

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