Dumbbells - the must-have fitness equipment in your Home Gym 

Whether you’re just starting up or a pro, dumbbells are one of the basic home gym equipment. As it’s one of the simplest workouts, it’s clear that you would also gain muscle strength in a few days. This versatile equipment is excellent for chest press, lateral raises, lunges and a lot more, hence it is a piece of must-have fitness equipment. At Fitness Equipments, we have a great collection of dumbbell sets and accessories in every weight variation. From 3kgs to 80kgs, we have dumbbell that suit every fitness enthusiast’s choice.

Shop the Dumbbell set with stand and diverse fitness products

We have superior quality dumbbell sets that feature pairs of dumbbell and an appropriate stand to give you the perfect weight alignment. Now it’s extremely great if your family member or a friend wants to workout along.

High-quality Adjustable Dumbbells at low prices at Fitness Equipments

Our home gym equipment are available at affordable prices, and our adjustable dumbbell are available at low prices. Discover the best prices of dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells sets with stands on amazing deals. We ensure that our quality dumbbells with polished frames that won’t peel off any sooner and will go on for years. Buy your chosen dumbbell set and workout powerfully leaving away the payment options to us. At Fitness Equipments, we have payments offers such as Afterpay, Zip pay, Latitude Pay and many more at checkout, which makes your payment simpler. You can buy your desired dumbells now and pay for it later on in easy instalments without any interest.