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Build a Mighty Home Gym with our Powerful Home Gym Equipment

Working out daily with a set of home gym equipment is the best way to gain strength and keep yourself fit rather than hitting out to a nearby gym every day. The reason that it may take more time and money and also not getting enough opportunities to work out on personal fitness goals, designing your home gym can make a high impact on the shape of your life. At home, you might get wholly comfortable, which you may not get at the gym with all so-many performers. At the home gym, you have it personal, and you know how to start when to exercise and most importantly, how to work according to goals to stay in shape.

Building a great home gym has its benefits from letting you begin as an amateur to reaching the ultimate trained level, which may turn you into a freak or indeed a gym personality! From a jog on a treadmill to hefty barbell-lifting exercises, the journey is worth undergoing as you grow healthy both physically and mentally. At Fitness Equipments, our range of home gym equipment is designed to suit any home gym and gratify any personal requirements to work out daily and vigorously. Our mightiest range of home gym equipment is listed-below from which you can shop gym gears at affordable prices.


Isn’t it great when it’s raining out, and still you can jog to make sure you didn’t miss on your plan today! That’s a treadmill for you! Walk, jog or run at multiple speed levels on a treadmill from us. Treadmill for sale is designed as the excellent cardio equipment, offers some great cardio benefits with its versatile features like multiple training programmes, anti-slippery running board, a digital LCD and a lot more. Whether you’re starting or an expert, our treadmills are perfect for gratifying individual preferences and working impeccably upon counting steps.

Exercise Bike | Cross Trainer:

Any master or a beginner would surely appreciate the versatile features of an exercise bike from Fitness Equipment. The 2-in-1 elliptical and exercise bike lets you choose the comfiest cardio activity and does offer several cardio benefits with the same exercise machine. Whether you love pedalling workouts or prefer cross trainer exercises, our versatile exercise machine emerges as the best cardio machine for your home gym.


Strength goals can be set right after you buy a great set of a dumbbell. Dumbbells are must-have home gym equipment with multiple weight sets as well as individual pairs. If you want, you can shop a whole dumbbell set that comes with a stand or buy a single pair based on your choice. The vast range of dumbbells from 1-kg variants to 48-kg variants, you can choose the preferred version for your home gym.


Upgrade your strength to the next level with kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells can make a great addition to your home gym equipment, and buying one is comfortable at Fitness Equipment. Just choose the right weight variant according to the strength goals in your fitness plan and start working out on basic exercises. For kettlebells too, you can select the lowest option available 4-kg and goes up to 32-kg ultimately.

Vibration Platform:

Try out the innovative way to perform cardio exercises and stay fit with its ingenious features. The vibration machine is designed to generate vibrations to your body while you walk or jog, and offer several cardio benefits from weight-loss and toned muscles to improved balance and coordination of your body. For its cheap price, excellent features and ability to produce painless yet efficient workouts, it stands out as an outstanding home gym equipment.

Yoga Mats & Air Track:

Yoga is said to be bliss! To perform yoga every day may seem a difficult task when you perform it over the bare floor. But to be fair, trying it out over a yoga mat from us might be a soothing experience, you’ll ever get. Air track mats can be used for the practice of multiple sports activities like cheerleading, martial arts, gymnastics and a lot more. Shop yoga mats and air track mats from our huge varieties based on style, colour and features.

Multi-Station Gym Sets:

Multi-station gym sets and power tower are the ultimate sources of bodybuilding, and our distinct collection is admirable to any gym lover. All-powerful gym sets which include a lot more like bicep curls, push-ups, ab crunches, leg extensions, punching bag and much more that deliver sturdy & robust exercising experience at your home gym.

Boxing Equipment:

Having a set of a punching bag and punching pads in your home gym can trigger your spirit up to perform better at the gym. Striking a bag regularly not only encourage your gym session to show a little more but also it can assimilate new skills into you. Buying a set of boxing equipment from us may be great for your home gym, especially if you are interested in the field of mixed martial arts.


If you are hunting for a piece of equipment which can be fun along with the process of getting fit, a trampoline might be the right choice for you. Trampoline exercises are a great way to lose weight and keep yourself fit. Fitness Equipment has a massive range of trampoline for sale, for all ages from toddlers to adults, and owning a one may add a feature of fun to all your home gym equipment.

Create a powerful and inspiring home gym with a great set of gym equipment. Make sure designing your own home gym and buying a whole kit of home gym equipment isn’t a big deal at Fitness Equipment. Buy Now, Pay Later is what we offer and by which, you can buy gym gears now and pay later using any of our best payment options such as Afterpay, Zippay, LayBuy and Humm.