Top 5 Gym Equipment to Use for Burning Body Fats

If you aim to burn fat and lose weight, there are a few key pieces of gym equipment that can help you achieve your goal. You may think that fat burners like Leanbean pills are enough to improve your figure, but there’s no harm in combining it with exercise from time to time!

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know the science of gaining and losing weight.  People gain weight simply by consuming food rich in calories in the form of fatty food, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, those calories transform into the bulges that settle on your tummy and eventually in all your body parts. 

Burning calories to create a “caloric deficit” is an effective way to lose weight. That means using more calories than what you consume. Sure, you can go on the diet to cut down your intake. But it is very difficult to be consistent with your food consumption and often the amount of nutrition your body receives is compromised. Keep on checking your body fat every week. You can buy this
Body fat scale for that. 

You need expert advice on the right food to consume and the exercises needed to achieve your fitness goals. You can browse websites like Total Shape which provide professional and helpful information for the fitness program you need to effectively lose or gain weight. This blog will focus on helping you turn into a lean mean fat-burning machine by using the five most important gym equipment for burning fat.


The 5 Top Gym Equipment for Burning Fat

Gym Equipment


Complete gym equipment from Pexels

1. Assault Bike

  • How to use:

The Assault Bike is a fiercer breed of the typical stationary exercise bike. It has longer handles and instead of a front wheel is a fan activated by pedaling. By stepping on the pedals, the fan rotates and creates wind resistance that makes you pedal harder. The design of this bike involves the use of both upper and lower body movements creating the all-around, sweat-induced, low-impact workout that you need. 

  • Exercise tips:

So, you don’t overburn your muscles, alternate 40 minutes of fast pedaling and 20 minutes of rest. Do some push-ups or air squats in between pedaling. You can burn around 20 to 30 calories for every minute on the bike. It is low impact so it’s gentle on the joints, yet it develops the hamstrings, calves, glutes, back, and core muscles.

2. Elliptical

  • How to use:

Stand straight facing the console and put a foot on each pedal. You must keep an upright posture and look straight ahead when on the machine so you can efficiently pedal forward. Grab the handles with each hand to help you keep your balance. The machine will move once you use your feet to push the pedals forward. The console will show instructions on how to use the machine like how to customize your own pace or select the pre-set programs. You can adjust the pedaling resistance by pressing the up or down arrows. Make sure the machine has completely stopped before dismounting.

  • Exercise tips:

This excellent low-impact machine is ideal for people recovering from surgery or injuries who are trying to get back their balance. A 30-minute session will potentially burn around 270 to 400 calories depending on the person’s weight. Though the machine does not work out the upper body, it does exercise the lower body and improves cardiovascular endurance.  

3. Rowing Machine

  • How to use:

The rowing machine is used by positioning yourself on a sliding seat with legs stretched out and both feet on footrests placed at the front. Using both hands, you grab the handle that is connected to the damper and flywheel. Then, pull back with all your strength as your seat slides backward making the wheel rotate. This motion simulates how you row the oars of a boat on water therefore it is called a “row” or “stroke”. 

The machine also features a monitor that shows valuable data such as the distance that you have rowed in terms of miles or kilometers. It also shows how much time you have exercised on this machine and how many seconds it took you to row the distance of one meter. The damper also has a setting that you can adjust from 1 to 10. The higher the setting, the more effort you need to apply to make the wheel spin. 

  • Exercise tips:

Place the right settings on the damper for optimized workouts. 3 is best for longer workouts and 5 for shorter ones. This low-impact machine is great for full-body workouts and weight loss routines. Although 60% of power comes from the legs, it also makes use of other muscles such as the quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, upper back muscles, deltoids, triceps, pecs, biceps, glutes, abs, and obliques. You can also use this adjusttable sit up bench sit up bench press for a better result. 

4. Stair Climber Machine

  • How to use:

This machine imitates the action of climbing several flights of stairs. The steps are on a moving belt that goes around. There are handles on the console and both sides of the machine that you can hang on to maintain your balance. Before turning on the machine, climb to the top step and turn on the console. Select the right speed to rotate the belt and take a step at a time. The monitor displays your speed, the number of stairs you’ve climbed, your heart rate, and other vital information. 

  • Exercise tips:

Because it is a simple low impact machine, it is very versatile to use in enhancing your cardio workouts. To make it more exciting, try adding jumps or squats in between climbing stairs. This machine helps you improve cardiovascular endurance and boost the lower body muscles such as glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, and calves. You can adjust the levels on the machine to suit your fitness level. With a 30-minute workout, a person weighing 125 lb can burn 180 calories just by using this machine. 

gym equipment


Treadmill from Pexels


5. Treadmill

  • How to use:

The treadmill may seem like a simple machine with a conveyor belt and a monitor that controls its incline and speed levels. It is used for exercises that require you to run, jog, or walk without having to go outdoors. To spice up your exercise routine, you can add some side steps or walk and run backward. Some high-tech treadmills offer options for virtual scenery, so you have the feel of running or walking through some virtual trails. With a few adjustments, you can tilt the treadmill at an angle so it’s like you are walking up a hill. 

  • Exercise tips:

This machine is perfect for workout addicts who want to do their walking and running exercises indoors. However, you must limit your time running at an incline to shorter intervals as the body is not built to run long. The machine offers various types of workouts. You can lose 537 calories in 60 minutes running 5 miles an hour if you weigh 130 lbs. You can also go for this electric treadmill home gym

The Rewards in Burning Fat!

You probably thought of visiting the gym more often or it is about time you build your own home gym just to lose weight. Owning your personal gym equipment gives you more time and motivation in completing your fitness journey. You don’t have to deal with rush-hour traffic or dreadful weather changes just to get a decent outdoor workout. 

If you have all these 5 top gym machines as part of your own home gym equipment, then you will be able to achieve your health and weight goals faster right inside the comforts of home. Losing all that fat and gaining better health is your biggest bang for the buck when investing in these machines!